I am a wedding, elopement, and engagement photographer currently living in Toronto and Collingwood with my little red dog and large collection of cameras.  I started this business in 2015, after working as a freelance photographer throughout university, and was lucky to jump into running this business full time.  Three years later I'm still in love with my job, and have photographed couples all over Ontario, Canada wide, and internationally. 

I’m a passionate entrepreneur, and love getting to work in a creative field.  Growing up I was a science and math-y kid, with a love for the outdoors and biology. I completed a degree in marine biology and 'took a break' before grad school to study photography.  I haven’t looked back since, although I'm still a huge biology and ocean nerd. 

If I’m not working on the business, you’ll find me outdoors doing anything.  Hiking, sea kayaking, paddle boarding, running, gardening, as long as I’m out in the fresh air and close to water I’ll be happy. 

I would love to sit down over a cup of tea and get to know one another better, so send me a message and let’s talk weddings!
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I approach photographing weddings as a storyteller.  Using a combination of documentary and fine art wedding photography, I focus on using natural light and capturing bright joyous imagery to tell a curated story of your wedding day from start to finish. 

One of the core values of my business is building good relationships.  I believe in creating a wedding photography experience where couples feel comfortable and well looked after from day one. 

Planning a wedding is a big new venture for most people.  I aim to eliminate stress, maintain transparency, and get to know all the couples I work with to make the process of selecting and working with your wedding photographer a positive and easy part of your wedding planning process.

All the photographs we create together are presented in heirloom quality photo albums, and loose leaf or framed prints. This way they can be flipped through, browsed with a cup of tea while passing by, and shared with family, friends, and future generations.  I believe that photographs documenting important moments in your life should be well loved, and exist to tell your story for years to come.