What kind of portraits do you take?
I love capturing people’s portraits.  From family photos, t0 newborn sessions, to couples’ portraits, to creative individual portraits for resumes, or simple ‘just because photos’, I’d be happy to put together almost any type of session you have in mind!

Where do you take portraits?
One of my favorite things about what I do is that it often takes me to fabulous new locations.  Whether that means visiting your home in Toronto, enjoying a coffee shop in Creemore, or exploring the sand dunes of Prince Edward County together, I’ll be there!  I’m also happy to make recommendations for great photo locations just about anywhere, let’s explore.

What if the weather is bad?
If the weather is bad we have two options.  We can embrace the rain or wind and have a unique, free-spirited photo session, or I will happily re-schedule with you for a nicer day to get those glow-y sunset photos you’re dreaming of.

What do I wear?
Wear clothing that you feel comfortable in and that feels like you.  That being said, don’t miss an opportunity to take that statement necklace out of your jewellery box, or finally wear that hat you’ve been dying to put on.  Portrait sessions are a great chance to wear clothes that express who you are, from bright colours, to cool flow-y scarves, to minimalist design, make the most of it and express yourself!


How long until I receive the photos?
I carefully go through and edit every single final photograph that you receive, so it will take about two to three weeks until you can see your final photos.  My shoots turn out to be roughly 20% photography time and 80% editing time, so the time you spend waiting for your images is what makes them great!  I always make sure to send you a few ‘sneak peek’ photos a couple days after our shoot however, in case the suspense is just be too much. ;)

Can I print the images?
Of course!  Go nuts with printing.  Nothing makes me happier than when photos get to live on in print instead of on a hard drive.  All your final files will be high-resolution so you can print to any size.  I offer fine-art printing options myself, or you’re welcome to go to your nearest colour lab.  Tag me in a photo of your prints, I love seeing them up on the wall!

Can I share the photos online?
Your portraits will be yours to share and spread around your social media web.  Enjoy!  I just ask that you tag my business ‘Corynn Fowler Photography’, @corynnfowlerphotography, or #corynnfowlerphotography and avoid adding your own Instagram filters or other edits.   Thank you!