Even months later, I hardly have words to describe how incredibly beautiful and meaningful it was to get to photograph this wedding day.  It was everything an Italian wedding should be, good food, a gathering of their most beloved and important people, a chance to tell everyone how much they are loved and appreciated, and a kick-ass party to celebrate such a momentous occasion.   It was life affirming, not to be too dramatic, but these two truly reminded everyone in attendance that day what a wedding and a joining of families and worlds is all about.

            Jess and Dom both have an immense appreciation for food, and met while working at one of the best of the best in the Toronto restaurant scene, Buca.  They have an endlessly warm and loving energy that radiates from them, and wore their hearts on their sleeves all day.  All together, this created the perfect day full of happy tears, fantastic food, and a dance floor that had everyone laughing and crying at the same time. 

            Jess chose an elegant and sophisticated silky dress from Ferre Sposa, and Dom pulled off the most gorgeous burgundy velvet suit jacket.  They got ready at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Toronto, had one of the happiest first looks I’ve ever witnessed in front of Roy Thompson Hall, before gathering a huge group of loved ones together in true Italian wedding style at The Burroughes on Queen St. for their ceremony and reception.

            They danced on the rooftop together at sunset, laughed and cried their way through their ceremony and parent dances, and melted together on the dance floor so comfortably that I must have taken a hundred photographs just of that moment alone.  I truly don’t have words for the feeling you get when you see these two together.  Good thing I’m a photographer and not a writer, scroll through to see what I mean.

Florist: Rose Hill Blooms
Venue: The Burroughes
Caterer: Buca
Make up: Lauryn Hopwood 
Hair: Chloe Greisman 
Dress: Ferre Sposa