Heather & Kolston - The World Stands Still, a Styled Shoot by Eastern Hemlock Florals

Stephanie of Eastern Hemlock Florals and I planned this styled shoot in the spring as a chance to play with some minimal styling and floral creativity.  We worked with a number of fantastic local businesses and brands, and were lucky to get the absolute sweetest real couple to model for us!

Heather and Kolston have the most infectiously joyous energy together, and I absolutely can’t wait for you to scroll through the photographs below and see how their connection flows though every single image!  Heather is a dancer, yoga instructor, and crystal healer, and Kolston is a talented musician, instructor, and amazing pizza baker.

We started out with some fantastic homemade pizza from Kolston, while Stefanie decorated the house with foraged greenery arches, amazing bouquets and arrangements in vases around the house, and a tablescape in soft crèmes, purples, and greens.  We then set to photographing Heather and Kolston moving through the space together, writing songs together, basking in the sunlight that streams into the house, and enjoying some quiet time together sipping tea and listening to Kolston’s music.

By the end of our few hours together I was absolutely in love with these two, and can’t wait for you to see all the sweetness, pizza, and beautiful floral design we captured over the course of the afternoon!



Makeup: Shea Organics Canada

Hair: Ainsley Garbutt Hair

Clothing / Jewlery: Metra Fashion House

Models: Kolston & Heather

Planning and Florals: Eastern Hemlock Florals

Alicja & Grant Get Married - A Downtown Toronto Berkeley Wedding

Alicja and Grant were high school sweethearts.  Full stop.  Let’s bask in the cuteness already.  Truly though, these two are so freeking sweet, absolutely stunning together, and have the best taste in food and desserts.  I knew we would be perfect working together when they wanted to have our first meeting at Ricarda’s, if you don’t know yet, good food steals my heart and seals the deal.  Next up, for their engagement session, they continued with the theme of amazing food in downtown Toronto, and planned to visit the St Laurence market for a picnic and some great coffee.  Finally, it came out at their wedding that the dream is to open a specialty donut shop together in Toronto one day.  Guys, I’ll be the first one there when you do it!

Aside from the food though, Alicja and Grant envisioned a beautiful, summery, outdoor wedding at the Berkley Fieldhouse in downtown Toronto, and pulled it off beautifully despite temperatures in the city hitting record highs that day.  They got ready at The Grand Hotel, and while Alicja put the finishing touches on her blush coloured bridal look (you’re going to fall in LOVE with her dress) the guys headed up to the rooftop for their first look overlooking the Toronto skyline.  I have to pause here and send a major shout out to the guys, who ended up getting trapped on the roof in the sweltering heat, because the elevator broke down as we headed up to their first look.  By the time we made it to the rooftop, the groom and groomsmen had been boiling up there for way too long, but were still game to pose for some wedding party photographs with smiles on their faces.  You.guys.rock.

The rest of the day was filled with so many happy tears, chilled Moscow mules to temper the heat, a live band entertaining the guests, and a sweet ukulele performance by the maid of honour that melted all of us into puddles of emotion.  The sunset light streamed in though the big windows of the Berkley Fieldhouse while guests happily enjoyed their air conditioned dinner, and the evening finished by finally heading back outside for their first dances after the temperatures had cooled down. 

Alicja and Grant, you two are so endlessly sweet together, have the best taste in food, and are some of the most relaxed, easygoing, and happy people I have had the joy of working with.  Thank you for being so wonderful.




Planning: Claudia Cole Events
Officiant: Aleksandar Rajak
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Berkeley Field House
Hair & Makeup: The Beauty Movement
DJ: Imperial Sound DJ Service
Ceremony and Reception Entertainment: Intentions Band
Décor: Hello Midge
Florals : Wild North
Guest Favours: Delysees

A Tropical Backyard Wedding in Barbados

I’m seeing more and more that couples are looking farther afield for their wedding vendors, sometimes even flying people in from around the world for their photography, videography, or styling needs.  This is how I ended up photographing Georgie & Ray’s lovely backyard wedding in Barbados.  Having spent every Christmas break in Barbados myself for my whole life, I was already familiar with the island, and jumped at the chance to photograph a wedding there!  Although it was a destination wedding for me, Georgie and Ray were married in the comfort of Georgie’s family home, surrounded by their lively pack of Bajan pups, and all their loved ones from around the island and beyond.  It could not have been more perfect, and was even featured on Bajan Wed a few months ago!

I started with them before dawn, getting ready for a 7 am ceremony before the heat of the day set in.  They were married in a lovely intimate garden wedding, under a homemade floral arch, surrounded by the greenery and flowers that Georgie’s mother had carefully tended in the garden all year in preparation for their wedding.  One of the dogs met Georgie on her walk down the aisle, and her sister read a quirky poem adapted for the couple that made everybody laugh.  Georgie wore a simple beach-y white dress that she had adapted into a wedding dress by sewing on some extra pearls and lace, and the girls all had their hair done the night before and slept on it to avoid having to have their hair done at an ungodly hour.  I LOVED how happy and relaxed everybody was throughout this wedding!

After the ceremony, everybody sat down for brunch on the terracotta patio, enjoying home made sweets and fresh fruit as the sun streamed in through the lush tropical greenery.  After brunch, the whole party took a break to avoid working through the heat during the middle of the day, and groups headed off to the beach to swim, surf, and enjoy a day off on their beautiful island. 

A set of giant marquee tents magically appeared during this time, and everybody reconvened in the evening again shortly before dark to get the party started.  Food stations were set up around the garden serving classic island dishes like bajan roti, and the dance continued long into the evening under the tents as tropical rains poured on and off all evening outside.     

It was SO much fun getting to photograph a wedding in a completely different tropical setting, and I absolutely can’t wait for my next chance to shoot around the island!


Photography: Corynn Fowler Photography
Design: Best of Barbados 
Florals: Simply Flowers
Hair and Floral Hair Pieces: Roz Hairdressing
Catering: Country House Caterers 

An Adventurous Engagement Session in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

I was SO excited to plan this shoot as soon as I found out that Megan and Kyle lived close to the mountains out west.  I love getting out to hike in the Rockies, and was stoked that these two were game to plan an adventurous engagement session and climb up a mountain with me!  Megan and Kyle, you guys really made one of my dreams come true!

These two sweeties picked me up at the Calgary Airport, and we immediately set off towards the mountains in the distance.  We were headed for Canmore, to climb up to an alpine lake hidden among the peaks in Kannanaskis country.  Our final destination had sparkling clear alpine water, craggy wintery peaks towering even higher above us, and a beautiful scenic climb leading us up to the lake.

One of my favourite parts of shooting engagement sessions is the chance to spend some time with each couple, getting to know them, who they are together, and chatting about any and all non-wedding related life.  The drive out together was the perfect opportunity to get to know one another, and we made some extra time to stop for a warm meal together before bundling up and starting our long hike upwards. 

We reached the lake after the sun had ducked below the peaks, and had the place absolutely to ourselves after other hikers had already started their descent down, racing the sun.   It was perfectly still all around us aside, and we shot for a while in the fading alpine glow before heading back down the mountain.  Getting back down it was nearly completely dark, but we decided to shoot for a bit longer and captured some of my favourite shots just outside the parking lot, where a snow covered logging road ran off into the distance between neighbouring peaks towering up into the sky.

Megan and Kyle are my dream couple, adventurous, sweet, easygoing, and so incredibly happy to be together and going out on an adventure.  I have to give them major brownie points for being game to hike straight up an icy mountain with me in February!  They are so incredibly lovely together, and had endlessly positive and supportive things to say to one another as we hiked up through the ice and snow.  I can’t wait to share these photographs, and am even more excited to share their wedding photographs that I shot later this summer!

Megan and Kyle, you guys made one of my dreams come true to shoot in the mountains, and are truly the type of people who re-affirm why I love this job so damn much!


A Dockside Engagement in Muskoka

Can we take a moment to talk about how fantastic it is getting to photograph weddings and engagements in Muskoka?!  There’s something so lovely and intimate about being invited to my couples’ cottages, and getting to document them spending time in a place where they love hanging out together.  It always makes for the most fun, relaxed, and outdoorsy engagement shoots, and I jump at any opportunity to photograph couples in cottage country!

I met Jenny and Nate on a warm, sunny summer day in July, and in classic Canadian cottager style, they were immediately warm and welcoming as soon as I rolled up.  They introduced me to some family, then we grabbed a few drinks and headed up to the top of the boathouse to relax and chat for a while before starting our session. 

We spent the next few hours relaxing, photographing, and spending time doing all the things they love to do together during a weekend at the cottage.  We enjoyed beers on the boathouse roof, took Nate’s fishing boat out for a spin around the lake, basked in the gorgeous sunset light falling across the water, and finished by taking a jump off the boat house roof and swimming in the lake as the sun sank below the horizon.

I wish I could always convince couples to go for a swim during their engagement session, and I’m already so stoked for the next round of cottage photographs to begin again next summer!


For The Bride Who Does Things Her Own Way: Tropical Wedding Inspiration

I love photographing weddings that have different and unique elements tucked into them, and one of the core messages in my business is supporting couples who want to do things their way.  So, we thought what better way to style this than as a bridal inspiration shoot focused on a couple who is really rocking it and doing everything their own way to make the wedding day feel meaningful for them!

I partnered with the lovely Melissa from Melissa Twist Events to create this shoot. We set out to style a tropical styled wedding for all the couples getting married close to home in Canada, but wishing they could elope to Miami Beach or Barbados instead!  Our vision was Miami Beach meets the June Motel, and wanted to create a set of wedding day inspiration that was relaxed, fun loving, summery, and oh so easy!

It’s one of my favourite things when the bride and groom spend their whole wedding day together, rather than having to wait until their ceremony at 4pm to finally see one another.  So, we decided that our lovely couple would do everything together all day, from getting ready together, to going for margaritas and tacos for a relaxed lunch date, to taking a couple of hours at the beach to enjoy a beautiful summer day off together before finally heading to their ceremony and reception.   If you’re not sure about straying from the traditional wedding day timeline, take a look through the shots below for some inspiration!

While I love a good classic white and green bouquet, this summer I found myself craving colour!  I contacted Sherry from Willow and Stems to envision and create the colourful florals for this shoot because she has such a unique and creative way of approaching every project.  She created a spectacular colourful bridal bouquet, tropical inspired arch for the waterfront ceremony, and spectacular bohemian bridal table.  She even set about designing the most creative floral installation for the front of a paddle board, but sadly the wind and waves kept our couple from enjoying the wedding day paddle boarding session of my dreams.  Our groom was styled with a sharp floral tie in lieu of a boutonniere, and I truly can’t think of a better summery groom style if flowers for your lapel aren’t your thing!

My favourite part of the shoot by far was our lunchtime trip to Bent Taco, for our bride, groom, (and styling team), to enjoy a lunch time taco and margarita break.  I don’t know about you, but compared to most wedding days when I see parties barely picking at questionable sandwich trays while they’re getting ready, I would definitely schedule in a fun lunch break for food and drinks that everybody actually enjoys.  Your wedding day is one big party, and food is such an important part of every party, why not have some fun with it!

Overall this shoot is meant to be fun, relaxed, and flirty.  Long gone are the days when weddings were mainly transactional and religious affairs for a couple and their families, but many of the old traditions from these days still remain.  If you’re leaning away from much of the expected ‘traditionalism’ of a wedding day, but aren’t sure what you can sub in instead to make your day unique, take a look through the shoot below for some inspiration.  Your wedding day can basically be a big-ass party to celebrate your love with your closest 10 or 100 people, so why not make it what a part is supposed to be, fun, relaxed, and flirty!


- Planning and Styling: Melissa Twist Events
- Photography: Corynn Fowler Photography
- Models: Kate Moore and Steve Cook
- Props: The Miller Island Company
- Table: BeReclaimed
- Florals: Willow and Stems
- Dress and Accessory Boutique: Loversland
- Dress: Rue De Seine Bridal
- Groom Style: Loversland and Leuk
- Tie: Pomp & Ceremony
- Dessert: Palmer’s Baked Goods
- Makeup: Makeup by Sarah Leggatt
- Hair: Ania Wazny Creative
- Venue: Bent Taco, Collingwood

Brownstones and Bagels, an East-Village New York Engagement Session.

I met Emily and Kaegan in New York for their urban engagement shoot, downtown in the East Village neighborhood where Kaegan was living at the time.  It could not have been a more perfect location for such a jet-setting, adventurous, and well-traveled couple.  Their love story began when they first met in university, completing their degrees in architecture, and they have since lived and worked all over the world, pursuing their careers as international architects. 

Throughout their relationship they’ve lived and worked, together and separately, from New York, to Japan, to North Bay, to Toronto, and beyond.  I was lucky to catch up with them early one morning outside of Kaegan’s flat in the East Village, when Emily and I both flew down for a visit.  They were game to get up ungodly early to spend some time exploring their neighborhood before everything got too busy (major brownie points for being so game guys!).  New York might be known as the city that never sleeps, but we didn’t run into too many people at 5:30 in the morning!  The next few hours were spent wandering classic brownstone-lined streets, visiting their favorite neighborhood haunts, and watching the city (and it’s many dog residents) come alive to start their day.   When we finally waved goodbye, they were off to get a bagel for breakfast, and Kaegan was musing about what kind of pizza he wanted to have later that day.  It could not have been any more classic New York. 

I first met Emily at The White Squirrel Coffee shop in Toronto, and knew we would get along right away when she told me she would be coming straight over from having brunch with friends.  I had no idea how awesome the two of them are together though until we started shooting together.  I should have known that they were going to be a tonne of fun by how game they were to arrange our early morning engagement session in New York, but I was still blown away by their creative and free spirited natures that came out to shine on their wedding day.  I’m still working on editing all of their wedding photographs from a few weekends ago, but I can’t wait to share photographs from our sunset session, you’re going to be so inspired by what down to earth and relaxed people they are, even tromping through the muddy woods on their wedding day!

Samantha and Farhan’s Colourful, Magical, Engagement Session at U of T

I met Samantha & Farhan for their engagement shoot on the University of Toronto campus. As the sun was setting over the city we set out through the iconic stone buildings and arches, finding pockets of greenery and beautiful light to shoot in.  There’s magic that surrounds these two.  Real-life, Hollywood-love-story, magic.  To sum them up, when I asked them to strike up a little dance during their engagement session I was expecting to photograph an little bit of ‘embrace and sway’ type dancing, but they DANCED.  I’m talking breaking into a spontaneous ballroom dancing number with dips, spins, lifts, the whole nine yards.  Samantha’s elegant skirt swirled out around her, Farhan was the picture of chivalry with one hand on his lapel and sharp Fred Astaire style moves, and I had to stop taking photographs to pick my jaw up off the ground and stare.

            Needless to say, I was loathe to put down my camera and say goodbye by the time the sun went down. This shoot left me absolutely itching to photograph them again soon at their three day Indian wedding in the country!  I can’t wait to share photographs from their big event soon, but in the meantime take a scroll through, marvel at their amazing outfits, and join me in wishing that my own life also unfolded in perfect, on-command, musical-worthy moments like these two.

            Thanks for being so amazing and unique you guys! xo 

Stephanie & Alec’s Joyful Spring Wedding at Kings Riding Golf Club

I love love loved working with Stephanie and Alec.  They’re one of those couples whose enthusiasm and happiness is absolutely contagious; they have the most joyful demeanors, and absolutely cannot stop smiling whenever they look at each other.  Remember them from this incredibly happy engagement session I posted recently? Start scrolling down to see how EVERYTHING is a Kodak moment with these two and their big beautiful smiles. Needless to say, I took far too many photographs on this day!  The first look moment below sums them up perfectly, absolutely unable to contain their joy at getting to start their big day together.  I can’t wait for you to see Alec’s reaction to seeing his lovely bride for the first time!

            They were married on an absolutely gorgeous, sunny, spring day at Kings Riding Golf Club in Thornhill, just outside of Toronto.  The ceremony was filled with laughter under a beautiful old tree, a lively lion dance kicked off their reception and startled the kids (and me if we’re being honest), and crispy cream donuts were set at every place setting as guest favours.  There are so many other elements from this day that I absolutely love, I cannot even begin to sum them up here in words.  From Stephanie’s emotional skype call with her grandmother overseas, to their petal-covered recessional back up the aisle, to Alec holding her hand tightly all through the speeches, to their heartfelt parent dances that made everyone (myself included) cry. 

            Wrapping up their evening even more perfectly, the sunset that night had the most gorgeous golden glow.  Plus, as if Stephanie and Alec weren’t already a photographers dream to work with, they scheduled almost a full hour at sunset to take their bride and groom portraits together, allowing us time to capture some of my favorite portraits of the whole summer. 

            Pro-tip:  if you’re wearing a veil for your wedding day, consider putting it back on for your sunset photographs like Stephanie did here.  The light tulle catches the golden sunset light beautifully, and makes for some stunning glow-y photographs to wrap up the day!   

Dress: Yeva Yao
Makeup: Vanessa Elizabeth Makeup
Hair:  Reanna Singh
Linens:  Chair Covers Plus
Flower Wall:  Blush and Tie
Centerpieces:  Botanic Florists
Florals:  Gatherings Studio
Officiant: Sherri Murphy
Lion Dance:  Northern Dragon Gate


Erica & Simon's Cottage Wedding in Thunder Beach

Fellow dog lovers, you are going to LOVE this wedding!  You might remember this couple from their sweet fall engagement session at home with their amazing pup. Erica and Simon kept their wedding true and unique to themselves in every possible way.  Originally from Toronto, they decided to host their wedding at the family cottage in Thunder Beach, their favorite place to spend time together.  Everything about their day was rooted in comfort, simple elegance, and down to earth family values. I freeking loved it!

They started the day getting ready in separate sides of the family cottage.  Erica wore a beachy lace dress and white wedding moccasins (if you can’t tell already, she’s an earthy girl after my own heart!) and carried a simple bouquet of gorgeous fresh lilac blossoms cut from outside the cottage that morning.  Simon wore boat shoes with his suit, and sported a comfortable open collar with no tie for most of the day, before getting changed into the most fantastic ‘party suit’ I have ever seen for the evening.

The intimate ceremony took place at the end of a long pier stretching far out into the bay.  Their much loved pup, Drax, carried their rings down the aisle, tied in a leather bag on his collar. After delivering the rings safely down the aisle, he lay down on the dock at their feet for the rest of the ceremony, as Erica and Simon exchanged their vows overhead. The other three family dogs provided some comic relief from emotional ceremony moments by jumping into the lake occasionally, and digging holes down into the sand to cool off.  The whole ceremony had the most gorgeous, minimalist, Wes Anderson vibe to it, I can’t wait for you to scroll down and see the setting!

Plenty more people arrived in Thunder Beach for the reception, so the party moved down the street to the local cottage community center for the reception.  Having toured the space a few weeks earlier, I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the transformation that Katie and Gavin from Georgian Roots had affected on the space.  Guests entered by way of a spectacular clear tent, decorated with driftwood, upholstered couches, vintage Louis Vuitton trunks, and modern chandeliers, before moving into the rec hall that had been whitewashed, strung with wisteria hanging from the rafters, and filled with long harvest tables covered with colourful florals and herb-covered plates and appetizers.  Guests arrived in stylish vintage vans, ate fresh oysters, and ordered drinks from the most beautiful moss-covered bar I’ve ever seen.  Set back into the forest, the tent was glowing warmly when I finished for the evening, lighting up the pines towering up into the star filled cottage country sky above, the whole wedding felt like a fairy tale. 

Hair – C.E. Bridal
Makeup – Makeup by Chelsey B.
DJ – Bryan Taylor
Wedding Planners – Georgian Roots Events
Wedding Dress Boutique – Helen’s Bridal
Wedding Dress Seamstress – Stacey O’s Something Blue
Caterer – Whose Catering
Candy Skewer Wedding Favours – Cre8tive Candy
Tent/Flooring Rental Company – Westway Tents
Table Setting/Other Rental Company – Event Rental Group
Florist – Fresh Flowers by Leanne