Stefanie & Dave's Colourful Backyard Wedding

Stefanie & Dave created a colorful and creative backyard wedding behind their parents house, overlooking a lake on a gorgeous summer day.  The weather was endlessly sunny and clear from dawn until dusk, and the entire wedding took place outdoors, moving under an open tent for dinner, and back onto the lawn for their lively dance under string lights and stars.  

Stefanie is an artist and entrepreneur at heart.  With a budding floral business, and hand dyeing fabrics with natural dyes, she created the most spectacular, wild and colorful bridal bouquet.  Her dress was a beautiful flow-y number from Blush by Hayley Paige, and she wore a comfortable and stylish pair of brown leather ankle boots.  It was an outfit that allowed the bride to be herself, dance in the grass until the bottom of her dress had changed color, and climb all over the family sailboat to get her twinkle lights working.  I loved the free spirit and creativity of this wedding!

The part of the evening that topped everything off however was when the groom's family hired a surprise mariachi band.  The band approached the wedding by boat, and surprised the bride and groom out on their dock, playing their first set across the water before kicking up one of the best wedding dance parties I've seen in a long time.  Complete with the fathers of the bride and groom dancing together, and a lively game of limbo played with a canoe paddle that almost everyone at the wedding, the bride and groom included, took part in. 

What I loved about this wedding is how perfectly 'them' it was.  Every part of the day was relaxed, easygoing, and creative.  Their color and joy was contagious to all the guests present, families came together beautifully in happiness, and everyone sported retro white wayfarer sunglasses during the sunny ceremony.  Take a look through for a wedding that blended different families, cultures, and styles into a beautiful and joyous mix that will bring a smile to your face.

How to Create a Rain Plan for your Wedding Day

The question of ‘what do we do if it rains?’ is always important when planning an outdoor summer wedding.   Many couples make backup plans for their ceremony to move indoors, or the reception and dance floor to be under a tent, but don’t quite get around to creating a fail-safe photography plan in case of rain.  Light is the most important tool for your photographer to create beautiful images, so it’s important to consider your options in advance to make sure the backup rain option isn’t the windowless bridal suite in the basement, or spare room in the event hall with overhead pot lights that can’t be turned off.  If you’re at all unsure, make time to chat with your photographer.  Ask about what they need to create the photographs you’re looking for, and maybe arrange a time to go look at the space together or send them photographs of different areas available to you. 


Look at The Available Indoor Space

Most venues have indoor space available to use for photographs.  It’s important to take a look at these spaces in advance however to make sure they have enough light for the photographer to work with, are big enough to fit the largest family photo you want captured, and have enough ‘clean’ floor and wall space available for your photographer to work with.

It’s also important to consider what else the indoor spaces will be used for in the event of a rainy day.  Make sure the spaces you’re considering won’t be used for the cocktail hour, ceremony, or reception, as it’s hard to take photographs surrounded by guests, chairs, or venue staff setting up for dinner.

Look at Other Indoor or Covered Space at Your Venue

If you’ve rented a large venue, there may be other spaces available on the property that will work for photographs if it’s raining.  If it’s just lightly raining, a section of trees with thick foliage will do the trick, or look for other buildings, covered porches, overhanging roofs, barns, greenhouses etc.  Sometime the best photographs come out of a rainy day when you have to shoot in locations that aren’t ‘typical’ for your venue.  Just make sure to run it by your photographer so they can plan accordingly in advance.


Look for Indoor Space Close to Your Venue

Finally, if there aren’t many good options for indoor space available at your venue, consider planning in some extra time and traveling to a different location for some of your photographs.  This can be anywhere, from the air B&B you’ve used earlier in the day to get ready, to a store or restaurant open to having your take photographs there, to a rented space such as another venue or photo studio. 

If this seems like the best option, make sure to discuss with your photographer, and plan this in advance so you have plenty of time to contact the location and make sure you’re allowed to take photographs there, or to purchase the appropriate permits or rental time.

In the past I’ve photographed in the parents’ house, a plant shop and coffee shop across the street, a library, a separate venue and a nearby restaurant.  Almost any location can be used to create fun photographs, and as long as you plan in advance there’s no reason to worry about what to do if it rains on your wedding day! 


Creative Wedding Photography: Spring Bridal Inspiration

I've been holding off on posting this beautiful shoot we created last year until it was beginning to feel like spring again around here.  It may be only the beginning of March, but the warm weather we had these last few weeks have me thinking about leaves budding, orchards blooming, and finally being able to go outside in just a light jacket again.  It was definitely feeling like time to post photographs from this spring inspired bridal shoot!

I worked on this shoot last year with truly an incredible team of Vendors from around Collingwood, Creemore, and Toronto.  We were inspired by the beautiful awakening of spring in our area, making us think about what a gorgeous time of year it would be for weddings.  The temperatures may be cooler still, but the sun is warm, blossoms and leaves are budding, and it's a time when people feel like waking up, stretching, and celebrating. 

The shoot started with a casual morning bridal look of softly falling hair and a simple pale pink slip.  She stretches, drinks coffee, and reads letters quietly; enjoying the warm morning sun on her skin in a minimal setting of budding spring branches.  The intention was to inspire a relaxed wedding day morning, free from chaos and stress, and full of intention, nourishment, and a calm happiness.

Next we moved on to an English countryside inspired bridal look with a modern twist in the bride's shirt and jewellery to contrast the flowing skirt and herringbone jacket.  Inspired by the move towards less traditional bridal attire and the stylish trend of two piece bridal dresses, we created a look using a flowing wrap around linen skirt in a dove grey colour.  Pairing the skirt with a structured modern top with a high collar, bell sleeves, and a stunning sheer fabric lent a more modern bridal flair to the ensemble.  Finishing the look off with simple flats and a boyfriend herringbone jacket created a spring feeling of taking a walk through the countryside, and added a classic style to the look while keeping the bride warm.  My favorite details of the style are the stunning bouquet in spring pastel tones she carries, and the classic look of her makeup and low chignon bun. 

Creative Team:
Photography: Corynn Fowler Photography
Florals: The Cut Flower Company
Hair: The Parlour by Stephanie
Makeup: Makeup by Lee
Ceramics: Jill Usher
Calligraphy: Via Calligraphy
Model: Clare McConnell
Jewellery: The Diamond Studio, White Feather Designs, The Georgian Artisan Shop
Venue: The Cut Flower Company
Blouse: Furbelows
Cake: The Cheese Gallery
Props: The Little Wee Prop Shop

3 Reasons to Consider Planning a First Look at Your Wedding

I’m regularly asked by couples to discuss the pro’s and con’s of scheduling a first look or ‘reveal’ into their wedding day timeline.  People are often torn between the traditional approach of seeing each other for the first time walking down the aisle, versus planning a more intimate moment together before the wedding day kicks into gear.   If you’re on the fence, take a look through the following three reasons why I love when couples plan a first look together.


1. Get Your ‘Jitters’ Out
That moment when you put your dress on is often when things start to feel real, and the pre-wedding excitement nerves start to kick in.  Getting to see each other before the ceremony often calms people down and releases all that tension that builds up before the much anticipated walk down the aisle.  It’s a great chance to hug it out, smile, laugh, joke, and get excited together about your ceremony.  I typically find that people feel less need to be stoic during this portion of the day, and am often able to capture the kind of emotional ‘seeing each other for the first time’ shots that are more difficult to create during the ceremony when things are more rushed and too crowded to get the best angle. 


2. Take Time to Enjoy a Quiet Moment Together
Once the ceremony begins, the rest of the wedding day can pass in a whirlwind of activity spending time greeting and visiting with all the loved ones who are there with you.  The first look is a chance to soak it all in quietly, say what you need to say to one another, exchange letters or gifts, and spend a few peaceful moments together to acknowledge your wedding day before getting started.  

3. Create a More Balanced and Fail-safe Photography Timeline
Planning a first look also helps create a more balanced photography timeline for the day.  First, it allows us to take some bride/groom portraits before the ceremony, reducing the long cocktail hour photography session when you’re feeling hungry, thirsty, and want to greet your guests.   It also creates the option of getting some family or wedding party photographs done earlier in the day, when everybody is looking and feeling fresh (and we won’t lose any wayward family members to the snacks and bar after the ceremony). 

Finally, it splits up our photography time rather than planning it all for one portion of the day.  This helps us keep your wedding from feeling like a photo shoot (boring!), and also builds backup time into the schedule so we don’t risk losing our time to take photographs if things start to get behind!


I love when couples plan time for a first look together into their wedding day.  Some of my favorite photographs with the most emotion are created during the first look portion of the day, and couples always tell me how much more they were able to enjoy the ceremony after having had a few moments to spend together and relax.  Of course there's something equally beautiful about an emotional first look walking down the aisle towards each other, but if you're on the fence about the pro's and con's I always recommend the functionality of planning a first look!


Best Of Engagements 2017

Following last week's 'Best of Weddings 2017' post, I decided to put together a collection of my favorite engagement photographs from 2017.  Once again, I selected my single favorite photograph from every engagement session I photographed the past year. 

I typically choose photographs that have a backstory I love.  The moments that are spontaneous, that tell a story of who the couple really is, how they relax together, laugh together, and love each other.  Without having had the chance to get to know all these wonderful people the way I have, it might be difficult to understand some of these images, overall though you'll see laughter.  That's my favorite thing to photograph, and I will always strive to get couples laughing together throughout their engagement session. 

As always it was difficult to choose my favorites here, I hope you enjoy some of them though, and maybe pull out some inspiration for your own engagement session. :)

Thanks for looking!

Best of Weddings 2017

This blog post could have taken an hour to scroll through, so instead I challenged myself to choose just one of my favorite photographs from every wedding I photographed in 2017.  It's so much fun looking back through all the weddings and moments I shared with people, and it makes me feel incredibly lucky to find myself running a business in such a beautiful industry!  Every wedding I photographed was jam packed with beautiful moments, stunning light, gorgeous settings, and even more beautiful heartfelt moments. 

Overall this is quite an eclectic mix of photographs, and many of the images are a far cry from the colour coordinated galleries you'll find in my portfolios.  Some you might love, some might leave you wondering.  I'm most drawn to images that are filled with emotion, tell a story, or were such spontaneous and fleeting moments that I'm just proud I was quick enough on the camera draw. 

There's a bit of everything in here, from some of my favorite bride/groom portraits, to photographs I love for the light or texture that came out in them.  Mostly though you'll see emotion.  Huge 'just married' smiles, tears shared between generations, emotional first looks, grouchy flower girls, and simply some good time party photographs. 

Hopefully you enjoy and maybe get a smile or two out of it all. :)

An Outdoor Muskoka Wedding at Kirrie Glen

Haley & Joe were married just across the street from their family cottage.  Their wedding was largely outdoors, and they were lucky to have the most beautiful weather all day, with a stunning peaked tent for the evening, and a beautiful indoor clubhouse space to dance the night away.

The wedding party started their day with a swim in the lake to freshen up.  The power had gone out the night before, and it seemed to set a perfect tone for the day that everybody got cleaned up in the lake before starting the whole getting ready process.  Everybody enjoyed drinks on the dock or patio, before the groom and his men arrived by boat for a sweet first look with all of their loved ones present under the pine trees.  

The ceremony was one of my favorite settings of the season, with classic harvest chairs lining the aisle, and no unnecessary ornamentation at the front.  A simple setting of the bride and groom standing in the shade cast by two big beautiful trees was all they needed to create the perfect mood for a happy outdoor summer wedding. 

Finally, the couple and their planner created a stunning outdoor tented reception on the fairway.  Guests enjoyed their dinner at long rustic harvest tables as the sun went down over the green and streamed into the brightly lit tent with high peaked ceilings.  Speeches began at dusk as the tent was lit with strings of Edison bulbs, and long lines of candles hidden in the greenery down the length of each table. 

Planner: Holly Matrimony
Venue: The Fairways at Kirrie Glen
Florist: Tanya List Design
Band: Tobin Spring
Hair and Makeup: 6KG
Officiant: All Seasons Wedding Officiants
Tent and Rentals: Guelph Tents


A Toronto Winter Wedding at the Windsor Arms

Liz and Zac created an elegant winter wedding at the beautiful Windsor Arms hotel in downtown Toronto.  I absolutely love photographing winter weddings.  In my experience they usually go hand in hand with unique and gorgeous bridal styles, as well as stunning indoor venue spaces that photographers dream of getting to shoot creatively in.  This winter wedding was no exception! 

Everything was picturesque, from the gorgeous bridal suite with big picture windows and elegant drapery, to the stunning great hall where they were married under the incredible floor to ceiling tapestry painted by Zac's father.  The rooms were all artfully decorated, and the hotel lent a fittingly cozy and elegant vibe to the cocktail hour in the iconic Windsor Arms bar.  Beautiful florals on the tables, aisle, and alter were designed by one of my favorite florists in the city Leaf & Bloom, and one of the highlights of the evening was when the groom's brother performed a heartfelt set of songs that left us all in awe. 

Be sure to take a scroll through if you're a fan of winter weddings, mermaid bridal gowns, gorgeous floral work, jaw dropping ceremony backdrops, and heartfelt candid family moments.  I can't wait to continue photographing more winter weddings this year!  Also, a huge thank you goes out to Emily from Emily Jarrett Photography for second shooting with me!


Planner: Inly Events
Florist: Leaf & Bloom
Venue: Windsor Arms
Makeup and Hair: Eryn Shannon

8 Tips to Nail your Engagement Photos

Chances are, when you’re looking to hire a wedding photographer, you’ll also be deciding whether or not you want to have engagement photographs taken.  Aside from the obvious positives (you’ll have some nice new photographs for your guest book) and negatives (you/your fiancée hates having their photograph taken), one reason I advise couples to take advantage of the engagement session option is that it’s a great chance to spend some time getting to know your photographer.  As a wedding photographer I’ll likely be spending the full day with you on your wedding day, and am there throughout some of the most important, private, and intimate moments.  It’s important that everybody feel comfortable, and engagement sessions are a way to get to know who you are together, how you like to interact, what your sense of humour is like, and all the other little details that will help me do the best possible job on your actual wedding day.

After photographing countless engagement sessions, I can hopefully provide some tips and tricks to make the most of our time together and keep the session fun and pain-free! (I get t-rex arms when you try to take my photograph, anybody else?)


1.    Pick an activity or location that’s comfortable to you.

The point of the engagement session is to spend some time getting to know each other, and capturing great photographs of you and your fiancée having fun together.  It’s basically a photographer date, and the images we create along the way should really resonate with who you are together at this point in your lives.  The activities you choose can be anything that you enjoy together, maybe this means starting the session off at your favourite Saturday morning café for lattes and croissants; or if a nice glass of wine is more your thing, let’s skip the coffee and head to the best wine bar in the neighbourhood where you had your first date together.  It can be as active as going surfing (any surfers out there looking for a wedding photographer?), or as quiet as making Sunday morning brunch together in your apartment and snuggling in with a book and your cats.  If you’re at all unsure about an activity or are having trouble coming up with ideas, feel free to ask your photographer for a quick engagement session brainstorm! 

2.    Get Creative

If you’re having trouble picturing your favourite activities together as ‘photo-shoot-worthy’, start making a list either together or with your photographer of ways you can jazz it up but still feel like you!  Perhaps nothing makes you happier than a Friday night movie or Netflix marathon; turn it into a drive-in movie date instead, complete with a sunset Frisbee game before the movie starts, a trip to the confectionary to load up on popcorn and twizzlers, and pyjamas and duvets in the back of your car with the hatch open.  Maybe Sunday brunch is your ritual but you’re not in love with the dark apartment you’re currently renting, let’s start the day with a trip to the farmers market to buy ingredients together, make an easy brunch on your biggest cutting board, and enjoy it out on your balcony or with candles lit around the table.  The goal is to tell the story of who you are, and everybody has a photo-worthy story. 

3.    Make it into a date.

Treat your engagement session like a date and put yourself into the mindset to relax, have fun, and feel more romantic than your average Tuesday.  Take the afternoon off together to do something fun before your engagement session, spend some time getting dressed up without the rush and stress of having to be somewhere quickly after work.  Maybe finish the evening off by making reservations for a later dinner post photo-shoot at that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try for ages.  Turning your shoot into an experience will make it something to look forward to, and something to remember as that great date night you actually made time to plan together.

4.     Dress to feel like yourself

‘What do I wear’ is one of the most common questions I'm asked before an engagement shoot.  There are so many options it’s hard to come up with an easy overall answer!  The best advice I can offer is to dress comfortably for yourself, while also keeping in mind your chosen engagement session activities.  If you’ve decided to go hiking in the fall, wear your favorite hiking outfit complete with big woolly sweaters and your well worn hiking boots with the red laces.  If cocktail hour at the classy bar downtown is your thing, maybe it’s a good chance to pull out that silky dress you bought for a Christmas party and haven’t worn yet.  If you’re at all unsure about a chosen outfit, pattern, or colour, you can always ask your photographer.  The final piece of outfit advice I can offer is to dress to the same level.  Try to style yourselves together as a couple, rather than picking your outfits separately and hoping they work together.  I don’t mean matching white turtlenecks 90’s style, but if you’re planning on dressing for a nice night out together, avoid the couple combo of high heels and hockey jerseys.  Unless that’s really your thing, you do you. 

5.    Let your photographer get to know you

Very few people come into their engagement sessions with hours of childhood modeling experience for the Sears catalogue in their back pocket, and having your photo taken together can be daunting.  It’s easiest to have something to do that you enjoy.  Talk, laugh, be weird when you’re feeling weird, high five if you’re high fivers, and throughout your session help your photographer get to know who you are as a couple.  If you’re set up to cuddle on the couch, but really you’re much more loving when making sarcastic jokes while sipping your coffee in separate chairs, then tell your photographer that you’re not really couch snugglers. This is a practice session for the wedding day, so if you never exchange forehead kisses, don’t let us take tonnes of forehead kissing photographs on your engagement session and wedding day, these will never be your favorite shots. 

6.    Don’t take it too seriously

Seriously.  We’ve already established that having your photo taken can feel awkward, so if you’re feeling weird then let it show!  Don’t be afraid to be silly, and trust that your photographer will capture the best photographs that represent you together.  If you think you’re trying to gaze lovingly at each other while the sun is setting, but are just barely stifling a laugh, let it out!  Snort if you have to.   Chances are you’ll appreciate the photo of you two howling with laughter together at your inside jokes more than any cinematic romantic sunset shot down the road anyways.  

7.    Make it seasonally appropriate

This might be a more location-specific suggestion, but make sure that the activity you’ve planned and the locations you’ve chosen fit well with the weather.  A little bit of rain never hurt anybody while taking photographs, but if you really want to wear that beautiful long dress you love, try to wait until it’s warm enough to wear it rather than dashing back and forth between putting your coat on to warm up.  If you’re keen on a winter engagement session, plan indoor breaks to warm up again so you don’t end up with a pink nose in all your photographs, wearing a miserable expression as you lose feeling in your fingers.  Remember, this is supposed to be fun!

8.    Communicate with your photographer

Keeping in touch with your photographer about your engagement session plans is key.  Ask for ideas if you’re having trouble thinking of something fun to do, talk about the best time of day to take photographs for what your planning, and toss ideas around to find the right outfits together.  It’s all about getting to know you, so the more conversations we get to have the better!  Also, keeping your photographer updated on the locations you want to visit is important to make sure you have the right permits, call ahead to make sure it’s okay to take photographs at that time of day, and generally make sure there are no unwanted photography surprises messing with your plans. 

An Intimate Elegant Wedding at Toronto's Great Hall

Jess and Arie’s wedding suited them perfectly.  Together they created a celebration that beautifully blended their impeccable style with important family values, and even included their treasured rescue dogs into the day’s celebrations with enviable ease and elegance. 

Following a sweet first look complete with dogs in hand, we went to The Great Hall in the west end of downtown Toronto to take photographs in the light and airy spaces that both Jess and I fell in love with.  A beautiful and emotional wedding ceremony was held at their neighbourhood family shul down the street, followed by an intimate backyard reception for their closest family and friends.  The majority of the day allowed for the dogs who are such a big part of their lives to take part in the festivities, and an at-home reception kept things simple and allowed guests to comfortably move back and forth between the indoor and outdoor food and drink stations as it softly began to rain in the evening.

Their beautiful and personal style as a couple shone through in all the little details they thoughtfully added to the day.  Jess sported her favourite relaxed moccasins along with a stunning beaded dress harking back to the 1920’s that complimented Arie’s stylish and classic dark navy blazer.  The dogs were dressed up in simple green and white floral garlands, which matched the bride’s classic elegant bouquet of white flowers and flowing greenery.  Jess absolutely transformed the interior of their shul by envisioning a beautiful minimalist Plexiglas chuppah, clear modernist chairs, and elegant candle displays that opened up the space while maintaining a cosy family feeling.  I’m always a fan of intimate backyard receptions, and theirs was no exception.  Edison lights criss-crossed the backyard, lighting and warming up the space outdoor space throughout the evening.  Food stations offered a variety of dishes for family to enjoy standing around high tops or settled into the living room, and the cutting of the challah was fittingly held with family gathered close together together in the kitchen. 

I absolutely loved getting to work with some of my favourite Toronto vendors again for this wedding.  It’s always a treat to shoot at The Great Hall, and I’ll never tire of elegant bridal chignons styled by Amy at Bridal Hair Collective!  All the other wonderful vendors I was introduced to at this wedding are listed below.  I hope you enjoy!

-       c

Make up: Janine Bowen
Hair: Bridal Hair Collective
Wedding Dress: White Toronto / Jenny Packham
Flowers: Botany Floral Studio
Food: Applause Catering
Venue: The Family Shul / The Great Hall

Laid back Urban Wedding at Propeller Coffee Co.

Codi & Jon chose Propeller Coffee Co. in Toronto's west end for their intimate wedding ceremony with a laid back, urban vibe.  Everything about the day suited them perfectly.  After their first look, they took the subway together to the venue, their cake cutting moment was swapped out for the 'cracking of the creme brulee' in honor of their favorite dessert together, Codi's beautiful electric purple shoes were flashing under the layers of her dress all day, and Jon's chef's knife cuff links made several appearances along with the matching pair his best man was sporting. 
Scroll down through to the bottom and take a look at their cracking of the creme brulee sequence.  It's easily one of my favorite 'cake cutting' moments to date, and is the perfect example of how making the wedding day your own will create photographs that feel perfectly natural and like 'you'.

Venue: Propeller Coffee Co.
Caterer: P+L catering
Florist: Sweetpea's
Dress: Truvelle
Hair: Parlour Salon
Shoes: Kristin Cavallari
Rings/Cufflinks: Studio 1098
Suit: Suit Supply
Officiant: Wayde Salmon

Bridal Inspiration for Creative and Laidback Brides

We began this bridal creative to showcase how we imagined a quiet wedding morning getting ready could look with the right planning and priorities.  As more couples are opting for smaller, more intimate weddings and elopements, there's often newfound time on a wedding day that can be re-purposed to personalize the day even further.  New traditions are starting to emerge.  We've all seen photographs of the bride and groom getting ready together, taking the subway, putting on hiking boots to get to their photo location, and eating an intimate reception dinner with their nearest and dearest.  We decided to take it a step further.  Why can't you go for a swim before getting ready for your wedding?  Take a walk on the beach, make a big beautiful breakfast picnic together, enjoy your usual cup of homemade coffee in your favorite chair, or take some time to sit in the sun and feel the day before hopping in the shower to get ready. 

This idea evolved further into a creative bridal inspiration, with natural hair, dramatic makeup, and a flow-y beach-y look that took minimal preparation and was easy, light, and comfortable.  Because why not?

I worked with the most awesome team creating this shoot.  Checkout their work through the links below, and keep an eye on their social media for more photographs from this shoot.  I took so many and just couldn't decide!

Photographer: Corynn Fowler Photography
Florals and Styling: Leaf and Bloom
MUAH: Jennifer Castiglione
Ceramics: Speck and Stone
Dress and Accessories Stockist: Loversland
Jewellery Designer: Wolf Circus
Ring Designer: Beaufille
Dress Designer: Biddell
Model: Kristen Jordan

Sneak Peek: Amena & Adam's Toronto Waterfront Wedding (on a boat!)

I haven't blogged in ages, my usual commitment to 'blog every week' generally only lasts a week. Ah, well.  My excuse is that it's editing season, I'm almost finished and ready to create more blog posts though!  In the meantime, I absolutely had to share some photographs from this amazing waterfront wedding I photographed in September.  When I say waterfront, I mean surrounded by water. Amena and Adam chose to get married on a boat!  More precisely, a beautiful old riverboat operated by Mariposa at the Toronto Harbourfront Center.  It.was.amazing.  I'll save most of the cool details for a longer post coming up this winter, but in the meantime scroll through for some sneak peeks and possible wedding inspiration.  Highlights include: the cutest first look ever, a beautiful jacket with a quote from Star Trek written across the back in gold calligraphy, boats, water, and all things cool, a special chocolate delivery by sailboat, and the most delicious wedding cake of all time. 

To any couples considering getting married on a boat, after this wedding I would highly recommend it!  Also please hire me to photograph everything for you, if I could specialize in boat weddings now I completely would.


Sneak Peek: Kristen & Matt's Elegant Collingwood Wedding

Kristen and Matt traveled all the way from the east coast of Canada to be married in Collingwood, Ontario with their friends and family.  They chose the beautiful Alpine Ski Club with it's brand new James Bond-esque club house as their venue, and took a limo to the gorgeous Tremont Cafe in Collingwood to capture their wedding photographs and avoid the stormy weather that we've had this summer.  These two looked so absolutely elegant together I couldn't resist firing off a couple extra rolls of film that day, so this sneak peek is composed almost entirely of film photographs because those ones always end up being my favorite!  Highlights include a sweet happy couple running from the rain and still enjoying every moment of it, a father of the groom looking SO unbelievably happy and proud, the bride looking adoringly at her groom, and both of them absolutely cracking up during their couples portraits (always my favorite!)

I hope you enjoy this quick sneak peek, more photographs from this elegant Collingwood wedding to come later this season!

Also, shout-out to the Tremont Cafe and their awesome staff for welcoming us into the restaurant to take wedding photos, and making a fun spontaneous champagne toast happen.  They rocked it.


Sneak Peek: Susie & Tristan's Colourful Country Wedding

I'm continuing my sneak peek series from this summers' weddings so far because I'm soooo excited to share the photographs but can't manage to keep up with full blog posts (stay tuned this winter!).  Today I have some sneak peek photographs to share from Susie and Tristan's beautiful, intimate, and emotional wedding at their family farm just outside of Toronto.  Highlights include the most beautifully colourful wedding you'll see all season, the sweetest first look ever, a whole pack of cute wedding kids, the most love I've ever photographed between two best friends, and an absolutely stunning bride and groom.  Also, I had to include the first film image because it looks like a painting with a little bit of soft blur as she twirled, I'm in love.  Enjoy!


Vivian & Curtis's Downtown Toronto Engagement

One of the foundations of what I do is getting to know my couples as well as possible in the time leading up to their wedding.  As such, I always include an engagement session in my wedding photography packages, and encourage couples to plan an engagement session with me that really feels like 'them'.  Instead of what you typically envision when you think of engagement photos, I try to treat these shoots like mini wedding day practice sessions, slash a massive couple/photographer hangout time, and do my utmost to keep it all as relaxed and 'un-posed' as possible.  This makes my job much easier when I show up for a wedding day and already know who I'm photographing, and I get to have a wonderful time getting to hangout and photograph so many unique and interesting couples!

Vivian and Curtis are getting married later this summer and I absolutely can't wait to see what they're creating for their wedding after photographing this awesome and unique engagement session with them.  They really took it to heart when I suggested picking several locations around the city that resonated with them as a couple, and we ended up moving around three locations in the east end of Toronto, Odin Coffee, Wonder Pens, and Cherry Beach.  I always love starting at coffee shops or cafes where we can sit down for a drink, chat, and take a few photographs on the side to get everyone relaxed and feeling comfortable.  From there we headed down to their favorite pen store they visit whenever they're in the area, and got to learn more about Vivian's love for calligraphy and her budding creative business.  Finally, we finished by taking our shoes off and strolling along Cherry Beach, taking photographs, and talking more, because who doesn't love being barefoot by the water on a warm summer day? 

Take a look through some of their photographs below, and don't hesitate to get in touch about brainstorming the best engagement session activities and locations for you.  Whether that's making dinner at home, walking your dog in the park, or mountain climbing, I'm always up for any kind of adventure and am already looking forward to getting to know you!


Sneak Peek: Meredith & Oliver's Intimate Wedding at the Gladstone Hotel

Meredith and Oliver are from Ottawa, but they decided to get married with their closest friends and family from all over the world at the beautiful Gladstone Hotel in Liberty Village.  Falling in love with the unique room decor, rooftop patio, fabulous restaurant, and stunning ceremony space is a given, and I was SO excited to get to photograph a fabulous looking wedding at a fabulous looking venue!  I photographed Meredith and Oliver's engagement session last year, and we had so much fun spending a few hours together taking photographs that I was beyond excited to meet them again and get creative using the countless unique rooms, nooks, and staircases for their wedding photographs.  They were game to play up the Wes Anderson vibe of the venue, and their unique, creative style fit perfectly with the stylish and eclectic venue. 

Although I have countless photographs I can't wait to share with you, unfortunately wedding season is in full swing and blog posts take me absolutely foreverrrrr to put together.  So, take a look through this sneak peek blog post for now, and check back a little later for more photographs if you like what you see (or maybe want some inspiration for your own wedding at The Gladstone!).  Pause to take a quick look at the groom's 'just married' reaction, it might just make your day!


The Capitol Event Theatre Old Hollywood Glam Wedding

While I'm still compiling larger blog posts of weddings from the past year, I'm finding that I absolutely can't wait to share photographs from this year already!  While I'm still pulling together more information about all of these weddings to credit all the talented vendors involved in a full post, a few sneak peek photos added to my blogging schedule should help satisfy my excitement to share all the stunning weddings I've been lucky to photograph so far this season!

To start the sneak peek series I'm sharing a few highlights from Lindsay & Sean's spring wedding at the Capitol Event Theatre in Toronto.  Growing up, Lindsay always wanted to be a star, so she and Sean created the most beautiful old Hollywood glam style for their dream wedding day.  They added to their natural film noire movie star good-looks with bowties, classically waved hair, and glamorous dress and accessory choices.  The bridesmaids looked elegant and stunning in sleek black dresses, and the cutest flower girl and ring bearer topped it all off! 

They were married in front of the stage at one of Toronto's beautiful old theaters, and had one of the most fun and heartfelt receptions I've been lucky enough to photograph.  Be sure to scroll through the bottom to see some of my favorite father daughter dance moments ever, they were both so lost in the moment it made for the best dance to photograph!


The Great Hall Bridal Look Book Video

This spring, a group of Toronto wedding vendors got together to create a bridal look book filled with wedding style inspiration and ideas for the upcoming wedding season.  You saw a few of my photographs from the shoot on the blog a few weeks back, and now I'm here to add the beautiful video from the day created by Jessica from Charuk Studios, who was both our videographer and concept stylist for the day. 

Hooked on that bright, airy, minimalist vibe, we of course chose The Great Hall as our wedding venue.  With its' perfect high ceilings, wooden floors, white walls, and big windows, this venue is a photographers' dream! Jessica pulled together a variety of styles using different dresses and accessories from local designers and stores like Maureen Patricia Bridal, Ferre Sposa, the LuvyT Shop, and florist Mimi & Ry.  Many of the dresses were beautiful shades of off-white, from a lovely dove grey wrap dress, to a soft blue tulle piece, to compliment the pastel colours of the spring wedding season, and to play with some more creative bridal looks.  Our hair and makeup team UnoJo and Prerna & Co. did a fabulous job of creating several different and beautiful hair and makeup styles for our bridal looks.  From soft wavy curls, to elegant up-do's, to beautiful waterfall braids, I had so much fun shooting such a variety of looks!

Take a look at Jessica's stunning video below, and checkout the rest of the photos from my blog post a few weeks ago if you missed it. 


Spring Pastels Shoot Film Web-7.jpg

Alexis and Collin's Winter Waterfront Wedding

One of my goals for 2018 is to book more off-season weddings, so I can reserve more summer weekends off to spend with friends and family enjoying the outdoors next year.  There, it's out in the universe.  I was lucky to photograph a number of stunning winter weddings this year, including an intimate outdoor ceremony by a frozen river, and an elegant indoor wedding at the Windsor Arms Hotel; and I have a few more fun ones coming up in December including a Christmas themed wedding, and a wedding in Barbados just before New Years.  All in all, these creative weddings are something I want to do far more of, and I realized that none of them have appeared on my blog so far!  (granted, I'm still catching up on blogging last summer's weddings, so it goes.)

Alexis and Collin got creative with their winter wedding photos (like they did with their engagement photos here)  and planned to take most of their photographs indoors having too much fun playing with a confetti cannon to add some action and colour, just in case the early January weather proved too cold to take any photographs outdoors.  The bridesmaids came equipped for winter temperatures with beautiful fur stoles, and the stylish bride sported the famous #justmarriedjacket by the talented Via Calligraphy.

Take a look through the photograph below to see how a little bit of creativity can make a Canadian winter wedding absolutely beautiful.