Your wedding photographs will capture who you are together.  From the grand moment of walking down the aisle towards each other, to minute details like fingers intertwined as you listen to your parents speak, every photograph is crafted thoughtfully, uniquely, for you.  My commitment to getting to know every couple I work with means that your wedding photographs will look and feel relaxed, natural, and completely ‘you’. 

Your gallery will be full of candid moments that you will treasure.  Your mother and grandmother sharing a slice of cake, their heads held close together as they watch your first dance; your best friend grinning widely as you say your vows, the joy on your faces as you run back up the aisle, revelling in the feeling of being married.  Yes, we take family photographs, and yes, we take lots of bride and groom photographs, but these candid moments full of emotion are what truly pull your unique story together.  This is what I promise to capture for you.