Engagement photographs are intended to be a snapshot into who you are in your lives together at this moment in time.  They capture your favourite Saturday morning coffee shop date, the way the sunlight moves through your apartment as you cook dinner together after work, how hard your partner laughs at your questionable dad jokes, or the way their hands get caught up in your hair when you hug.   To me, these moments early in your lives together are just as important to document as your wedding photographs.

Engagement sessions are an important and complimentary part of every wedding photography package I offer.  They are an invaluable tool to build a relationship between you as a couple, and myself as your photographer.  They help me better understand who you are together, allow you to get to know me so I can arrive at your wedding day as a friend, and provide a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera in a more relaxed setting.

I love working closely with couples to create engagement sessions that feel like you. Let’s steer clear of the ‘fake picnic in the park’ photographs, there’s no need for those, and instead create a shoot plan that documents who you really are together. Think of it as creating your ideal date, except I’ll be there too! I’m pretty much a professional third wheel at this point.