Best of Weddings 2017

This blog post could have taken an hour to scroll through, so instead I challenged myself to choose just one of my favorite photographs from every wedding I photographed in 2017.  It's so much fun looking back through all the weddings and moments I shared with people, and it makes me feel incredibly lucky to find myself running a business in such a beautiful industry!  Every wedding I photographed was jam packed with beautiful moments, stunning light, gorgeous settings, and even more beautiful heartfelt moments. 

Overall this is quite an eclectic mix of photographs, and many of the images are a far cry from the colour coordinated galleries you'll find in my portfolios.  Some you might love, some might leave you wondering.  I'm most drawn to images that are filled with emotion, tell a story, or were such spontaneous and fleeting moments that I'm just proud I was quick enough on the camera draw. 

There's a bit of everything in here, from some of my favorite bride/groom portraits, to photographs I love for the light or texture that came out in them.  Mostly though you'll see emotion.  Huge 'just married' smiles, tears shared between generations, emotional first looks, grouchy flower girls, and simply some good time party photographs. 

Hopefully you enjoy and maybe get a smile or two out of it all. :)