How To Backup, Print, and Save your Wedding Photographs

Making sure that you take care of your wedding photographs after you’ve received them is SO important.  All too often we forget that digital files don’t last forever, and we absolutely need to take steps to ensure that something as important as your wedding photographs get preserved and saved to share with future generations.  While I offer a variety of printed products with all of my wedding photography packages, there are a few more steps you can take at home to ensure you will get to enjoy your photographs for years to come.


Backing up your wedding photographs digitally

Computers crash, hard drives get destroyed or stolen, technology like USB’s become obsolete……as much as we don’t want to believe it, these things happen (and all the time), so make sure your photographs aren’t just living in one digital location.  I recommend having at least one physical, external hard drive with duplicate copies of all your important files.  Your wedding photographs should absolutely be saved on here!  Store this hard drive in a different location from your computer to deter theft, and most importantly, make sure you actually know how to use it!  (Anybody thinkkkk they have their computer backed up, but aren’t completely sure it worked properly?  Hands? Anyone? Bueller?).  Replace this hard drive once in a while; technology doesn’t last forever.  I also recommend storing all of your photographs online through a cloud based software, pick whatever option is best for you, whether that’s google drive, dropbox, crashplan, or a myriad of other online options.  Finally, ensure you’re saving the high resolution copies of your photographs, this is key!


Printing your wedding photographs

All of my wedding photography packages come with a printed album, and I offer a variety of other print options to help ensure you have beautiful, tangible copies of your favourite photographs.  From various classic album options, to beautiful boxed print sets, to gorgeous large scale prints on handmade paper, ask me for my printed products guide to shop all the beautiful printing options! Should you want to print your own photographs, while any prints are good prints, I recommend finding a printer that does archival printing.  This means that your photographs are printed on top quality materials, and in such a way that they are intended to last for a lifetime together without beginning to warp, yellow, discolour, or fade.  It’s a bit more expensive to print, but is well worth it to save your photographs in a beautiful format that you will one day share with your children and grandchildren!


Preserving your photographs

Once you’ve printed your images, make sure you’re storing them in such a way that they will last.  Avoid leaving prints out in the full sun, frame wall mounted prints under UV protective glass, and store your albums out of direct sun and in a dry location.  It goes without saying that prints and albums must be kept dry, but sometimes this is forgotten if they are ever stored for a period of time.  If you’re moving, cleaning up, or otherwise will be moving your photographs to a new location, make sure to pack them carefully, ensure they are protected from getting wet, and don’t leave them for a prolonged period of time somewhere damp like a basement or storage locker.  Properly cared for, the printed products you order through me are intended to be heirlooms, and should be passed down for years, telling and carrying on your story every time they are shared.

Get in touch with me by email to request my printed products guide, inquire about printing options for your own wedding photographs, or browse some of my print options through your online gallery on Pic-time.  I look forward to getting some beautiful printed photographs into your hands!