Small Business Branding Shoot with Bridal Hair Collective

After connecting with a group called The Rising Tide Society (although, shamefully I have yet to make it to one of their monthly meetings) I've been finding myself having SO much fun working with other small businesses creating photographs to be used for their business branding.  Having strong visual components to your website and social media accounts is so important in these days of fast visual communication, and I've discovered that I absolutely love the challenge and creativity of working with small businesses and designers to create photographs that portray who they are and what their business is about. You've seen some of this work on my blog in the past, and will hopefully see more of it in the future after I use some of my free time this winter to add branding photography work to my business plan!

The photos in this post are from a shoot I did with the beautiful and talented Amy, owner of Bridal Hair Collective.  Amy and I connected through the Rising Tide instagram hashtag #communityovercompetition and quickly decided to work on a styled shoot together (which will be appearing on The Wedding Co. blog next week!).  After having so much fun working together, I was honoured to have Amy bring me onto her team to help create the new look for the Bridal Hair Collective re-branding, along with creative business branding designer Odds and Ends Creative.  Together, we crafted images that portrayed Amy, her style, and a new look for her business that reflected her work and the beautiful brides she works with.   Take a look through some of the images below, and be sure to checkout Amy's new website to see her beautiful bridal and event hairstyling work!

Thank you so much for the chance to work together Amy, I love the new look and can't wait to shoot together again soon!
- C