An Adventurous Engagement Session in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

I was SO excited to plan this shoot as soon as I found out that Megan and Kyle lived close to the mountains out west.  I love getting out to hike in the Rockies, and was stoked that these two were game to plan an adventurous engagement session and climb up a mountain with me!  Megan and Kyle, you guys really made one of my dreams come true!

These two sweeties picked me up at the Calgary Airport, and we immediately set off towards the mountains in the distance.  We were headed for Canmore, to climb up to an alpine lake hidden among the peaks in Kannanaskis country.  Our final destination had sparkling clear alpine water, craggy wintery peaks towering even higher above us, and a beautiful scenic climb leading us up to the lake.

One of my favourite parts of shooting engagement sessions is the chance to spend some time with each couple, getting to know them, who they are together, and chatting about any and all non-wedding related life.  The drive out together was the perfect opportunity to get to know one another, and we made some extra time to stop for a warm meal together before bundling up and starting our long hike upwards. 

We reached the lake after the sun had ducked below the peaks, and had the place absolutely to ourselves after other hikers had already started their descent down, racing the sun.   It was perfectly still all around us aside, and we shot for a while in the fading alpine glow before heading back down the mountain.  Getting back down it was nearly completely dark, but we decided to shoot for a bit longer and captured some of my favourite shots just outside the parking lot, where a snow covered logging road ran off into the distance between neighbouring peaks towering up into the sky.

Megan and Kyle are my dream couple, adventurous, sweet, easygoing, and so incredibly happy to be together and going out on an adventure.  I have to give them major brownie points for being game to hike straight up an icy mountain with me in February!  They are so incredibly lovely together, and had endlessly positive and supportive things to say to one another as we hiked up through the ice and snow.  I can’t wait to share these photographs, and am even more excited to share their wedding photographs that I shot later this summer!

Megan and Kyle, you guys made one of my dreams come true to shoot in the mountains, and are truly the type of people who re-affirm why I love this job so damn much!


Beth & Alex: A Sunny Engagement Shoot at their Georgian Bay Island Cottage

We spent an afternoon enjoying the warm summer breeze at Beth and Alex’s private family cottage on an island in Honey Harbour.

I first met Beth and Alex after work at Rooster Coffee in downtown Toronto, and instantly knew I wanted to work with them as soon as we started chatting dogs and cottages.  They have a friendly, laid back, Canadian-cottager vibe that carried through to all aspects of their relaxed and fun-loving engagement and wedding.   Alex is an avid outdoorsman, and Beth nurtures a secret talent for woodworking, learned from her grandfather and honed during summers at the cottage.  I could talk camping trips for hours, and am instantly awed by anyone with creative talent, so I couldn’t wait to spend time with these two over the course of our working together!

They invited me up to their family cottage to take their engagement photographs, tucked away in the islands of Honey Harbour. On a hot and sunny summer day, I was picked up in a little tin fishing boat at the nearby marina to start the afternoon. We cruised through sparkling waterways, past classic Canadian shield islands dotting the waters of Georgian Bay to reach their cottage. The family home was perched on top of a rocky island, and came complete with a welcoming crew of family and dogs.  These two clearly come by their friendly, happy natures honestly, how could you not when coming home to the cottage means being greeted on the dock by dogs, beer, and cookies!

I always ask couples to incorporate activities they love or places that are important to them into the engagement session, and Beth and Alex knocked it out of the park planning this shoot!  We started off across the island, fishing rods and beer in hand, heading to their favourite watering hole overlooking Giants Tomb across the bay.  The fish weren’t biting, but their pup, Brodie was happily occupied swimming after each cast, trying to catch the bait himself.  They enjoyed beers on the rocks, toes splashing in the warm water, took the tin boat out for a cruise, and finished by hiking through the island to a small wooden platform in the woods, furnished with Muskoka chairs, with a view over the bay.  This is where Alex proposed to Beth, surrounded by tea lights in wooden candle holders she had made that summer, smelling like pine trees, and with a view over the most meaningful place in the world to them. It’s so much fun to visit the spot where a couple got engaged and spend some time reminiscing together!

We had the best time taking their engagement photographs together, and I can’t wait to show you details from their relaxed and heartfelt wedding I photographed in Toronto this summer!l