Travel: February in Europe

In February B and I took a few weeks off to travel around Europe visiting family and friends, and taking time to see some new places for the year before our busy spring and summer seasons began.  We ate our way through London, took trains and wandered the hills in Scotland, bought chocolate in Brussels, walked street art tours in Berlin, and wished we were students again in Oxford. 

Somehow we were lucky to have nothing but gorgeous weather for the weeks we were there, and managed to come home from a trip through Europe in February with sun tans.

I only travel with a film camera these days, as I find I take fewer and more meaningful photographs like this.  So everything was shot on my beast of a Pentax 645 and developed by Canadian Film Lab.  Trying to practice what I preach, I'm working on getting a small album or print set made of photographs from our trip, in the meantime I thought I'd post a bit on the blog.  Does it even happen if it doesn't go on social media these days? :P

- c

Freelance Life: New Zealand

I started to post a styled bridal shoot today, but found myself getting distracted looking through files of all the personal and travel photography work I have on my computer, and decided to post something a little different instead.  One of the things I love most about this life/job as a wedding photographer so far is that I have an on season and an off season.   Shooting my last wedding of the year feels like being a kid again and getting out on summer vacation, and I've decided to use some of this off season time for traveling wherever I can.

Last November, after finishing off my wedding season, I hopped on a plane and flew down to join my old university roommate in New Zealand.  We spend our timing driving north to south and stopping for some incredible hikes, great walks, and surfing days, camping much of the way in our hilariously tiny tent, Bernie.  Of course I took far too many photos, most of which have hardly been seen by anyone.  Although I lost a whole chip card of photos one day (I blame it on the altitude and gravol) the photos below chronicle a trip by foot, car, ferry, boat, surf board, horseback, plane, bus, and helicopter from Auckland to Te Anu.  Over the Tongariro crossing, through the Humboldt mountains, across impossibly blue ocean channels, and under night skies that made us feel so very humble and small.  The soundtrack of the trip was Lord and the Rings and Guardians of the Galaxy, so I recommend humming 'Hooked on a Feeling' to yourself while you scroll.

Not all the photographs are my own, and some were even taken on my Iphone (have you ever tried taking a selfie with a DSLR?!?) but I was feeling like it was time to put this little adventure out into the world and start planning the next. :)

- c

Killarney 2014

I took a short jaunt up to Killarney a few weeks back for some serious hiking and kayaking therapy.  I am endlessly captivated by that pink granite coastline and acres of wild blueberries.  I'm ready to start a busy season now but wish I was still back there!

- Corynn